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Time Management Software

OnTime Plus


OnTime Plus is a Windows based Time Attendance Management software, designed to work with all Elid Time Clocks, for use in a factory environment to track shift functions accurately. It enhances and concentrates on collecting, processing, storing and analyzing of clock data, and provides comprehensive attendance reports, and reports that specifically customized by users.

Building up with a LAN ready mechanism, it allows for multiple workstations/multiple users. It prevents unauthorized access and limits the operator to designated functions only with implementation of access rights.

Product Brochure
WEB Enabled Attendance
Being in an information revolution arena, OnTime Plus provides a WEB enabled attendance. You can use IE4 or Netscape Navigator or any other web browsers to query departmental attendance records. All you have to do is to add an additional IIS (Internet Information Server) or PWS (Personal Web Server) installed.
Comprehensive / User-Defined Reports
In OnTime Plus, there are more than 20 predefined reports right there for your convenience. Just a few mouse clicks required. It's flexible and only reports the records that you need and authorized. You can also, create your own reports with ELID's powerful Report Generator, packaged as one in OnTime Plus. Thus, you can save the template for future reuse.
User-Friendly Interface – Easy To Manage
The attendance management displays an organizational tree with an absolute clear view of the attendance of the staff. Thus, it saves a lot of effortless time in navigating through the attendance records. In addition, you can just click on the Calendar shown on the screen for daily / weekly / monthly attendance reports based on staff / department / branch. With the implementation of speed buttons, you can gain quick access to most frequently used commands by a single click
Shift / Leave Management
OnTime Plus also has the ability to provide shift schedules where each of the staff can be assigned any shift at any day. Another shift / leave management provided is that of Shift Group and Annual Leave. The shift group function allows staff who works on the same shift to be grouped together. Annual Leave Management is provided for annual leave / off day taken, etc.
Real-Time Attendance
Focusing on an on-line transactions display, OnTime Plus provides a framework for immediate display of transactions received from Time Clocks (ET120x, ET1000) or Door Controllers (EL1200, EL220x). All these, to facilitate a critical and far-sighted faculty for evaluating issues requiring an ethical objective for successful and well-being of staff. This mechanism works in a way where the clock data receives information which then, feeds into the attendance engine and processed right away – updates the attendance screen on-the-fly based on predefined criteria (e.g. every 30 seconds, every 10 transactions, etc.).
Networked As LAN (Local Area Network)
Building up with a LAN ready mechanism, it allows for multiple workstations / multiple users. Hence, we're getting a virtual shipload of information, bringing a heap of lifestyle change, making life easier with an audit trail function that provides tracing of events (who, what, when). But all these, with a security purpose in mind. With the implementation of access rights, it prevents unauthorized access and limits the operator to designated functions only (e.g. Print attendance reports only).
System Requirement
Pentium IV or higher
Operation System
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or higher
128 MB or higher
10 MB (Installation)
200 MB (Operation)
Comm. Port
Printer Port
800 x 600 (16 colours) or higher
Standard Configuration
Ordering Information
OnTime Plus/3 Time Attendance Software, unlimited users, up to 4 workstations in CD (with ET32 Rockey, USB)
OnTime Plus/4 Time Attendance Software, unlimited users, up to 10 workstations in CD (with ET34 Rockey, USB)
OnTime Plus/5 Time Attendance Software, unlimited users, up to 25 workstations in CD (with ET35 Rockey, USB))