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Head Office Address :
No. 19, Jalan 223, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
603-7960 9055
Web Site:
www.elid.com , www.elid-time.com
Year Established :
No. of Employee:
Manufacturing Center:
Distribution Network:
around 26 countries worldwide
From stand alone system to enterprise wide multinationals integrated system (hardware and software), smart card and biometrics solutions, time management solutions
Quality Certification: CE, SIRIM ISO 9001 & 9002, Malaysia Book of Records, Pikom IT Awards, Malaysia Good Design Award, MSC Status

Our vision is to be a world renowned manufacturer of Electronic Identification Systems.

Our mission is to create original, innovative and superior products at affordable prices and provide genuine customer satisfaction as well as to contribute to the well-being of society.

We have progressed steadily to capture a significant market share in South East Asia.
We aim to consolidate this, and extend our market coverage throughout the world.

Our Belief - We belief that our greatest asset is our people. Our people are behind our growth and success. No metter how much capital, technology and equipment we boast, it is bound to fail if human resources are not developed. Therefore we strive to Make People Before Making Products, and we are committed to bring out the best in people through comprehensive and systematic human resource development programs.

Our Commitment
Our Commitment - We will constantly challenge ourselves to be a God-fearing, moral and ethical Company, whose employees are honest and trustworthy, and uphold high ethical standards in all their dealings.


ELID Research & Development


ELID's products are designed and developed in Malaysia. Over the past 19 years, ELID has acquired valuable expertise and experience in key technologies related to the electronicidentification and integrated security management systems industry. ELID is committed to the continual development of innovative new products year after year.

ELID Manufacturing
  • Majority of the ELID equipment and products are manufactured in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
  • Selected equipment and products are manufactured in Guangzhou (China) and Bangalore (India).
  • 1997 : Malaysian factory upgraded to SMD assembly facilities including automatic computer based Pick-and-Place assembly machines.
  • 1999: Malaysian factory achieved the ISO 9002 QMS certification.
  • 2002: This certification was upgraded to ISO 9001 QMS.
  • ELID regularly engages Japanese specialists to assist in the continuous improvement of production quality and efficiency.


ELID Sales Offices
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johore Bahru)
  • China (Suzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Tien Jin, Shanxi, Nanjing)
  • Thailand ( Bangkok)
  • India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata)
Associate Companies
  • Singapore
  • Philippines (Manila)
Distribution Networks


  • Malaysia (Sibu, Kuching)
  • Bangladesh (Dhaka)
  • Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • Almaty Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Myanmar (Yangon)
  • Paskitan (Lahore, Karachi )
  • Colombo Sri Lanka
  • Taipei Taiwan, R.O.C
  • Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)

Middle East

  • Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)


  • Egypt (Cairo)
  • Nigeria (Lagos)
  • Seycelles (Mahe)
  • Libya (Benghazi)
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda


  • Croatia (Zagreb)
  • Portugal (Setubal)


North America

  • USA (Nevada)