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Time Management Software


E.Time is a Windows based Time Attendance Management software, designed to works with all Elid Time Clocks and monitor staff attendance effectively. It is suitable for use in a factory environment to track shift
functions accurately.
Product Brochure
Comprehensive Reports
E.Time provides comprehensive reports of employees’ attendance status. This becomes handy for monitoring and tracking purposes. Reports can be generated by selection - eg by Department, Date or Employee ID.
i ) Summarized Reports
Attendance Summary (by Employee)
Daily Attendance Analysis (by Day)
Monthly Attendance Analysis (by Month)
ii ) Detailed Reports
Daily Attendance Details
Attendance Details by Employee
Overtime Report
Lateness Report
Early-Out Report
Incomplete Report
Absenteeism Report
Edited Attendance Report
Attendance Sheet
iii) Others
Leave Report
Duty Calendar
Department List
Section List
Employee List
Holiday List
Multiple-shift Scheduling
E.Time has the ability to provide multiple-shift scheduling that helps divide employees into different working schedules. Users can configure up to 26 working schedules with a different working in/out time, meal in/out time and OT start/end time at the E.Time. Same group of employees who works on the same schedule (shift) can be grouped together.
User Friendliness
E.Time is a user-friendly time attendance management software in both settings and operations.
Ease of Setup
A startup wizard emerges when E.Time is installed. It will lead the user to complete basic configurations like clock terminal setup, department setting, user ID enrolment, holiday setting and work schedule.
User-friendly Interface
E.Time displays an organizational tree with a clear view of the attendance of employees. User-friendly interface saves time in navigating through the functions of E.Time.
Compatible Time Clock
E.Time software works with all ELID time clocks such as the ET1200 series, ET630, ET3100 and ET3000.
Time Clock

ET1200 is designed to be able to work with all card technologies of common similarities like Bar-code, Magnetic and Proximity. It is housed in a sturdy metal casing and is highly suitable for factory environment.

Time Clock

ET630 is an elegant and compact time clock whose design blends in well in an office environment. It comes with a built-in proximity reader.

Time Clock

ET3100 is a user-friendly and cost-effective optical-based fingerprint time clock for registration and verification of employees.

Flexible Configuration
E.Time is able to monitor the transactions from the total of 16 ELID time clocks. The PC is connected to the time clocks via a communicator (EL70D) or terminal server (EL78).
Flexible Data Migration
E.Time provides flexible data migration tools for data processing.
Data Export
Users can export the attendance record, employee information and clocking data into text/Excel format which can be used for integration with third party payroll software to generate salary.
Data Import
Users can import employee information and clock data in text file (.txt) or Excel file (.xls) to E.Time database.
Migration Tool
Migration Tool is designed for the existing users of EasyTime who wish to upgrade the time attendance software from EasyTime to E.Time.
Flexible Data Migration
E.Time provides flexible data migration tools for data processing.
System Requirement
Pentium IV or higher
Operation System
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or higher
128 MB or higher
30 MB (Installation)
100 MB (Operation)
Comm. Port
Printer Port
800 x 600 (16 colours) or higher
 E.Time Standard Configuration
E.Time System Configuration
E.Time LAN Configuration
Ordering Information
E.Time Time Management Software, 100 users (with Softkey, DB9)
E.Time Time Management Software, 500 users (with Softkey, DB9)
E.Time Time Management Software, 1000 users (with Softkey, DB9)
E.Time Time Management Software,unlimited users (with Softkey, DB9)
Optional Software Modules for E.Time:
E.Time LAN Module (program with E.Time basic software)