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E.SDK Software

E.SDK is a set of interface tools which allows the developers to develop their software using ELID’s Time Recording Terminals (ET1200 series, ET630, ET636 & ET3100). It allows integration with various software, making it versatile for many reasons.
The E.SDK consists of 2 parts: DLL and GUI

Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
The Dynamic Link Library provides an Application Program Interface (API) prepared for development of the PC application that integrates the time clock functionalities.It supports various development tools: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (or above), Borland Delphi, etc. The E.SDK provides sample coding in Delphi Programming language and Visual Basic Programming language.

Graphical User Interface Application (GUI)
The Graphical User Interface Application on the other hand is a simple polling software. It provides an output file in text file format. Integration can be done through the output text file (*.dat).

Product Brochure
Synchronizes the time clock date and time with the PC date and time
Downloads transactions from the time clock
Installs and deletes the card number from the time clock
Uploads, downloads and deletes fingerprint templates from the time clock
Time clock settings: set sounder, set session, etc
Standard Configuration
Multidrop Standard Configuration
Lan Configuration
System Requirement
Pentium IV or higher
Operation System
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or higher
64 MB or higher
10 MB (Installation)
50 MB (Operation)
Comm. Port
Printer Port
800 x 600 (16 colours) or higher
Ordering Information
E.SDK Software Development Tool (DLL, GUI) for Elid Time Recording Terminal in CD only